7 Reasons Why PEX Might Be the Best Plumbing Pipe

copper-vs-pex-vs-cpvcIf you’re banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out what’s the best plumbing pipe to use for your next project I have some good news:

I’m going to give you 7 good reasons to consider using PEX tubing.

PEX is a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial plumbing. More and more professional plumbers are transitioning to the plastic pipe.

Here are a 7 reasons why PEX might just be one of the best plumbing pipes:

 1.  PEX is ridiculously fast & easy to install.

With just a little research and education anyone can make watertight plumbing connections using PEX.

Don’t think you have what it takes to install PEX?

Well…my 6 year old daughter can do it.sofia-the-plumber

It’s easier than copper and CPVC.

You can forget about flux, solder, plumbing torches, and glue because you don’t need it. PEX fits together with rings or clamps and doesn’t require any specialized training.

no-solderingOn top of that, think of all the brain cells you’ll salvage by not having to inhale CPVC cement.

2.  PEX Tubing is affordable.

PEX requires fewer fittings than copper because it comes in long rolls and can easily be bent around obstacles. This is both a big time saver and cost saver.piggy-bank-1056615_640

Copper prices fluctuate all the time. PEX prices are consistent.

  • 100 feet of ½” copper will run between $70-$90 (plus fittings).
  • 100 feet of ½” PEX cost between $26-$37.

3.  DIY Friendly

It’s really simple to install, not to mention you’ll save a small fortune by not having to hire a pro-plumber.

 4.  PEX Pipe is Resistant to corrosion.

Since PEX is plastic it will not corrode like metal pipes.

Independent tests demonstrated it was not susceptible to pitting or corrosion.

 5. PEX plumbing pipe is more resistant to freezing water.

When water freezes inside copper or CPVC pipe it will burst.

Water can still freeze inside PEX. However, because it’s plastic it has the fantastic ability to expand without cracking or splitting!

This makes PEX one of the best plumbing pipes for cold weather. Copper and CPVC simply don’t have the ability to expand.

 6. PEX is code friendly

PEX plumbing systems are recognized in all major building codes and is approved for use in all 50 states.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local plumbing code (if applicable) because there is not a unified plumbing code.

 7. No water hammer with PEX

Water moving through ridged copper pipes can be noisy and very annoying.

Since PEX tubing is flexible it’s much better at absorbing pressure and water hammer is virtually eliminated.

So there you have it. 7 reasons you may want to consider PEX for your next plumbing project.




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